ORTOGEL – an important benchmark / product for the treatment of the inflammatory diseases

In the middle of postantibiotics era, it is very important to have got an efficient anti-inflammatory product with the role of prompt intervention. Ten years ago, when Ortogel was issued on the market, there was nobody to anticipate the therapeutic success story of it. At that time it was required an anti-inflammatory product able to action on the complex phenomenon of the inflamatory reaction, most important expectation from the product was to be non-agressive for stomach and for the duoden. On the other hand it was expected that the product to be able not to amplify the hepatic citolysis avoiding the inductions of urinary system alterations. Ortogel has proved the efficiency during the time of usage both in the ambulatory activity, but also in the hospital one. It is used in the following clinical occassions:

  • it was useful in the respiratory pathology, for patients with pneumonical statuses either on spontaneous ventilation or mechanical ventilation. In that case it is recommended to be used four times per day, directly on the skin, on the anterior thorax, on the posterior thorax, on the arms and legs, for the patients in a critical situation, for the patients in a septical state, for those who have perifherical vasoconstriction, metabolical acidosis, oliguria. After it is used on the skin, a periferical vasodilation it is expected, draining and eliminating the acid grouping and free radicals. The usage of Ortogol every six hours improve quickly the state of patient and the first signs of positive evolution can be noticed: diminishing the acidosis, the reduction of peripherical edemas, poliurical reaction. It is noticed the in the case of patients with respiratory virosis (including virotical and microbian pneumonia) the usage of Ortogel diminishes the symptomatology, the coughing sacadas are decreased, the breath is relieved and the whole picture is that the patient gets a reinvigorated mood;
  • in various feverish situations of multiple causes – it was observed that Ortogel has a positive action
  • in cases of immobilized patients forced to spend in hospital long periods of time – it was noticed a favourable clinical evolution without hepatic, gastric, renal, hematopoietical complications.Useful in tromboflebitis and gonartrosis

    The product contains natural extracts of chilly pepper, arnica, comfrey, green-nut, tamus-communis,danesblood (Sambucus ebulus, sea buckthorn oil, lavender oil, menthol. Ortogel can be used by the patients who have interdictions of taking paracetamol and those with risk for using this medicines. This exceptional anti-inflamatory product it is recommended for treating the fractures, dislocations, wrenches, hematomas, tromboflebitis, muscles extensions, tendinitis, miositis, sinovitis, gonartrosis, muscular contractions, diminishing the sistemic inflammatory syndrome, diminishing the respiratory virosis, diminishing feverish syndroms of various causes, spondilitis. When it is used for long periods of time, Ortogel does not have any collateral effects and does not have any other interactions with medications.

    It has international acknowledgement in Brussels

    Ortogel was the only one natural product represented within the International Symposiumof Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine in Brussels 2016, organised by Erasme Univeristy Hospital, in collaboration with Belgium Society of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, in front of an international Committee. Part of the Committee there were three proffesors specialised in anaesthesia and intensive care. The product was  very successful and much appreciated.

    During March – June 2014 it took part an interventional prospective study in theIntensive Care II – Toxicology, Clinical Emergency Hospital Bucharest. The study included 50 patients with fever of infectious cause. As a result of the study, it was pointed out anti-thermical effects of Ortogel similar to those ones of intravenous Paracetamol, during a similar period of time.

    Ortogel won the leader position/place in the complex anti-inflammatory treatment for the patients with politraumas, infectious syndroms and artrosis diseases.


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